Five Weapons 10 (July 2014)

Five Weapons #10

Way to go out on a bummer… the issue ends with Robinson informing the reader he or she has just read a truncated, rushed ending to the comic (instead of it going to issue fifteen).

There’s clearly something off about the issue–it’s too rushed, with the leaders of the Five Weapons clubs fighting these five psionics who want to take of the school. Luckily Enrique is there to save the day; Robinson hints a little at how he would have done it in the full narrative, not the shortened one, but there’s still enough charm to get it through.

Actually, a regular issue and an incompetent feeling might have been a better way to go, because this issue of Five Weapons loses a lot of the texture. Robinson doesn’t get to do his standard plotting and the comic just feels weird.

Though Joon the Loon has an amazing fight scene.



Tyler’s Revenge, Part Five; writer, artist and letterer, Jimmie Robinson; colorist, Paul Little; editor, Laura Tavishati; publisher, Image Comics.

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