The Mice Templar Volume III: A Midwinter Night’s Dream 5 (September 2011)

The Mice Templar Volume III: A Midwinter Night's Dream #5

Glass is even more expansive in terms of subplots this issue. There’s more with Pilot training his new protege, there’s the whole movement of Templars believing in Karic’s holy status (for lack of a better description), there’s how that movement is playing out in the capital and how the rats and weasels are getting on without the king. There’s even stuff with the Templar priests and a possible insurrection in their future.

It’s both a busy issue and not. Santos occasionally gets to do a huge, graphically violent page or two; these pages cause a shock and a reset. They relieve the narrative tension just long enough for the reader to process the next big plot point.

In many ways, Glass is just doing the most grandiose bridging issue he can conceive. If it ever doesn’t seem big enough, he adds more to it.

The result’s overwhelming while still compelling.



A Legend Begins; writer, Bryan J.L. Glass; artist, Victor Santos; colorist, Veronica Gandini; letterer, James H. Glass; editor, Judy Glass; publisher, Image Comics.

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