Tales of Honor 4 (August 2014)

Tales of Honor #4

Hawkins is one cruel writer. Until now, he’s always done an excellent job making Tales of Honor an engaging read, but this issue he works out comic book action tension better than maybe anyone ever has before. He makes the comic a page turner, using long expository paragraphs to pace the reader’s attention.

He’s able to get all this tension even after he’s done an odd jumping on recap of the series–and cast–to date. That recap lulls the reader into a relaxed approach to the comic. It also tells the reader most of the cast is okay, since the protagonist is narrating these memories from ten years in the future.

So basically, Hawkins makes it harder for himself. And then he shoots past any possible expectations. This issue is phenomenally plotted.

Unfortunately, there’s also terrible CG art from Jeong. It’s too bad Honor doesn’t have visuals to match the writing.



On Basilisk Station, Part Four; writer, Matt Hawkins; artists, Sang-Il Jeong and Linda Sejic; letterer, Troy Peteri; editor, Besty Gonia; publisher, Top Cow Productions.

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