Nightworld 1 (August 2014)

Nightworld #1

Nightworld is off to a fine start. Artist Paolo Leandri does an excellent Kirby imitation, with Adam McGovern’s terse but verbose script–at least at the open–making the comic feel like something out of the seventies. Like a Charlton knock-off of Tomb of Dracula maybe.

Leandri has some issues with the faces–his noses are off and his cheekbones are a little much–but there’s so much flow to his movement, problematic faces barely register.

The story has some doomed soul in a superhero outfit battling a demon for the soul of his beloved. There are villains, like a hellish femme fatale and–in the most obvious Kirby homage–some New God-looking speed demon.

There are the nice humans who take the time to help the tragic protagonist too. I’m sure it’ll be a bittersweet end with the girl.

Nightworld isn’t incredibly original, just very well produced.



Writer, Adam McGovern; artist and letterer, Paolo Leandri; colorist, Dominic Regan; publisher, Image Comics.

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