John Carpenter’s Asylum 6 (June 2014)

John Carpenter's Asylum #6

Oh, no, Asylum isn't over yet. I had thought this issue, which awkwardly ends with the heroes driving off into the sunset to hunt down Lucifer and his minions as they wreck havoc on the world of man, was the last one.

Too bad. With Bruce Jones completely off the book, the dialogue and plotting takes a couple more hits. Sandy King and Trent Olsen's dialogue is real bad, though given the subject matter, no one could make it much better.

The writers get way too confrontational about validating the religiousness of the concept and skip over all character development. The lengthy final montage, with the guys reviewing their mission, doesn't offer any new content.

The Manco art helps considerably but even he's rushing to get done with this comic (this issue is his last). The double page spreads unfortunately get some of the least detail.

Asylum is pretty bad.



Writers, Sandy King and Trent Olsen; artist, Leonardo Manco; colorist, Kinsun Loh; letterer, Janice Chiang; editor, King; publisher, Storm King Comics.

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