Manifest Destiny 9 (August 2014)

Manifest Destiny #9

There's just enough disgusting creativity to pull the issue through–even if it's far from original. Dingess still has he problems with pacing and plotting, but he does get around to a few characters this issue. He's got Clark and a bunch of people stranded, while Lewis tries to figure out how to get rid of the giant monster frog. So there are a few scenes for Lewis, but a lot for the landing party.

Clark actually doesn't get much to do until the end of the issue. Instead, there's a new friend for Sacajawea and then some more rumblings of mutiny. But the big thing (pardon the pun) has to be the giant insects; they bring back Manifest Destiny's pulse in the second half of the issue.

Dingess writes some good scenes for the cast, he's just taking too much time on everything. Roberts's art can't carry the comic alone.


Writer, Chris Dingess; artist, Matthew Roberts; colorist, Owen Gieni; letterer, Pat Brosseau; editor, Sean Mackiewicz; publisher, Image Comics.

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