The Savage She-Hulk 2 (March 1980)

The Savage She-Hulk #2

If only writer David Anthony Kraft had a better artist, his first issue of She-Hulk would've been a lot stronger.

Even though the mob tried to have Jennifer Walters killed last issue, there's no proof. Except sworn witness statements. But those don't hold up in the Marvel Universe, so the mob makes another attempt on Jennifer's life. She turns into She-Hulk and tries to remedy the situation, which has her best friend their unintended victim.

So the big action is She-Hulk running after a car without brakes and trying to save her friend. Even with the incredibly problematic pencils from Mike Vosburg–who just can't compose panels to make the scenes intense enough–it's a good sequence.

Unfortunately, Kraft brings back in the Marvel Universe legal logic at the end–Jennifer Walters is legally dead, killed by the She-Hulk, yet still a practicing attorney.

It's not bad though. It's definitely an exciting read.



Deathrace!!; writer, David Anthony Kraft; penciller, Mike Vosburg; inker, Chic Stone; colorist, Bob Sharen; letterer, John Costanza; editor, Jim Shooter; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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