Concrete Park: Respect 1 (September 2014)

Concrete Park: R-E-S-P-E-C-T #1

As much as I like the Demolition Man reference, there are a whole lot of problems with Concrete Park.

I’m nearly sure co-writer and artist Tony Puryear does the art digitally; it would be hard to explain why the heads look so pasted on the backgrounds and why so much of the too thick line work looks artificial. Those artificial lines really hurt the comic, which occasionally resembles a Love and Rockets tangent with unfortunate coloring.

The story has to do with a prison planet where the prisoners have all formed gangs. It’s unclear why anyone would bother putting people on a prison planet if they aren’t going to do any labor–why wouldn’t they just kill them?

Doesn’t matter.

Puryear and Erika Alexander’s script is enthusiastic but too problematic and unoriginal to do much. The dialogue’s weak too; feels too “unsold screenplay.” But it’s not a terrible comic. Just blah.



Writers, Eric Puryear and Erika Alexander; artist, colorist and letterer, Puryear; editors, Roxy Polk and Philip R. Stone; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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