A Town Called Dragon 1 (September 2014)

A Town Called Dragon #1

A Town Called Dragon would be a whole lot better with a different artist. Or maybe even if Legendary were willing to get a good inker for Geoff Shaw's competent but unimaginative pencils. Or not, actually. His composition is humorless, which works better for the flashbacks to Vikings fighting dragons but fails during writer Judd Winick's frequent comedy exchanges.

It's a double-sized issue, which is good because Winick wastes about half the comic on the Viking flashback. They take the last dragon egg to the New World and dump it. Leif Erikson's expedition. That aspect of the story–along with a lot of Erikson's journal entry about it–isn't interesting because Winick's very closed off about it. It's setup, not a real part of the story.

The real story is this goofy tourist concept town called Dragon and the assorted townspeople. Winick does well with them; Shaw does not.

It's engaging though.



Drop It On the Other Side of the World; writer, Judd Winick; penciller, Geoff Shaw; colorist, Jamie Grant; letterer, Sean Konot; editors, Greg Tumbarello and Bob Schreck; publisher, Legendary Comics.

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