A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun 1 (September 2014)

A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #1

A Voice in the Dark is back and in full color now. Well, not exactly full color–the figures get fully colored while the background are muted and messy. It’s a great look for the book, especially since writer and artist Larime Taylor doesn’t emphasize the backgrounds. The colors are striking.

The issue opens with a bookend and then goes back in time to fill in the details. Protagonist Zoey and her paramour–another college-aged serial killer–are in trouble in the present action bookend. The flashbacks start explaining how they got there.

As usual for the series, Taylor is precise in both his composition and his plotting of Zoey’s daily life. Dark is very well-crafted, which is why the love interest is such a problem. Taylor goes too fast, tries too hard. The first date scene is mediocre, not sublime.

Still, it’s fine enough and definitely ambitious.



Writer, artist and letterer, Larime Taylor; colorist, Jay Savage; editor, Duncan Eagleson; publisher, Image Comics.

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