Point of Impact 1 (October 2012)

Point of Impact #1

Jay Faerber is really excited about Point of Impact, even if one doesn’t read his back matter about his inspirations. The enthusiasm is clear. Unfortunately, he’s enthusiastic about writing a really generic police procedural.

Everything is connected–a woman falls off a roof while her lover waits in a hotel room, but could she be somehow connected to the newspaper reporter Faerber is following around? And then there are the cops–the female cop knows her from yoga class and doesn’t want to give up the case. Her tough but understanding older black cop partner is there for her, but he’s not going to let her throw her career away.

Everything’s very predictable–plot, dialogue. Without artist Koray Kuranel’s high contrast style–deep blacks on pure white–Impact would disappear it’s so flimsy. Kuranel’s detail for people isn’t great but his buildings and his mood work.

It’s inoffensively bland.



Writer, Jay Faerber; artist, Koray Kuranel; letterer, Charles Pritchett; publisher, Image Comics.

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