Nailbiter 5 (September 2014)

Nailbiter #5

It’s the best issue of Nailbiter in a while as Williamson wraps up his first arc. He’s set up the series now–Finch, the visitor, isn’t just staying but now there’s new shocking new information about him. Williamson, for better or worse, seems to be positioning the series–with its variety of characters but relatively few locations–for a TV series option.

There’s some rather good art from Henderson in the issue. He doesn’t do particularly well with the action sequences, but those missteps might be due to the silliness (the latest serial killer is dressed as some kind of Neolithic warrior); but the regular talking scenes are quite good.

There’s foreshadowing, there’s fake resolution (for every window Williamson closes he opens a couple doors) and there’s the titular nail biting serial killer playing hero. It’s entirely artificial, but so well executed it doesn’t matter. Williamson pulls the strings well.



Writer, Joshua Williamson; artist, Mike Henderson; colorist, Adam Guzowski; letterer, John J. Hill; editor, Rob Levin; publisher, Image Comics.

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