Nightworld 3 (October 2014)

Nightworld #3

It’s an all-action issue, with McGovern giving way too many pop culture lines to the hipster demon. It gets annoying on the first page the character shows up; by the end of the issue, it’s practically intolerable. McGovern doesn’t have anything for the character–at least the protagonist and antagonist have some kind of back story and the humans are sympathetic human characters… a sidekick, good demon? No story. Just annoying.

For the action, which is mostly the two good demons fighting bad demons, Leandri does rather well. Nightworld is a good looking comic and it moves well, it’s just really shallow. And McGovern doesn’t try to go any deeper with it, which is nice.

However, when there’s not much to it, any little thing hurts–like confusion during the humans in distress scene and especially the annoying demon. Facebook references are too much.

But it still works out.



One Hundred Demons; writer, Adam McGovern; artist and letterer, Paolo Leandri; colorist, Dominic Regan; publisher, Image Comics.

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