Wool 1 (June 2014)

Wool #1

Wool opens with one protagonist, then moves on to another, then promises a third. It’s a novel adaptation, which might have handled the transitions smoother, but writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are a tad abrupt. They do well establishing the setting–a post-apocalyptic future where everyone lives in a huge silo underground and can’t go outside–but the characters and their relationships are confusing.

They don’t, for example, explain how people communicate with one another in the silo. It’s vaguely manipulative writing, intended to create drama instead of be reasonable.

Most of the issue follows the mayor and a sheriff’s deputy on their way to hire a new sheriff (the original protagonist being the previous sheriff). Gray and Palmiotti do a decent job establishing the mayor character, but at the end it’s unclear if she was worth the investment.

It definitely engages and Jimmy Broxton’s art is fantastic.



Writers, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; artist, Jimmy Broxton; letterer, Bill Tortolini; editor, Matt Hoffman; publisher, Jet City Comics.

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