Princess Ugg 5 (November 2014)

Princess Ugg #5

Even though Naifeh has sort of reduced the supporting princesses to caricatures–there’s the nice one, the mean one, et cetera–this issue does have a lot going on. √úlga has been included in activities, though not in the other princesses’ good graces, and so Naifeh gets to showcase the contrasts between the cultures.

Of course, she’s also getting better at being a proper princess, which doesn’t offer much narrative weight but does move the story along. And may eventually provide a good humor moment.

Because Ugg needs good humor moments. When √úlga goes up against bandits in the last scene, even though Naifeh doesn’t make the comparison, she’s actually against honest villains. Her other villains are dishonest–the princesses, the condescending school teachers–and there’s little refuge for the character.

All in all, it’s an outstanding issue of the comic, but Naifeh still doesn’t seem to have Ugg’s footing.


Writer and artist, Ted Naifeh; colorists, Warren Wucinich and Naifeh; letterer, Wucinich; editors, Robin Herrera and Jill Beaton; publisher, Oni Press.

Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest 4 (November 1984)

Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest #4

It’s another strong issue, with Wagner giving Dredd a series of imaginative sci-fi encounters. The first one is the most traditional, with Dredd trying to track down a human visitor to a strange alien world. But Wagner has already established the character–who has contracted a strange alien disease–so Dredd has to enter that story.

But there’s also some drama with Dredd and his fellow judges based on his treatment of one of the other judges. Wagner probably could tell this subplot better but it works well enough.

The second big story has Dredd and company against an intergalactic salesman. It’s s silly story, but s fun one. Some very nice start throughout it too. Smith handles the action well.

The last story has the Angel family on a desert planet. It’s a little too much how Wild West Wagner makes the planet.

But it’s still real strong.



Writer, John Wagner; artists, Brian Bolland, Ron Smith and Mike McMahon; colorist, Ian Stead; letterer, Tom Frame; editor, Nick Landau; publisher, Eagle Comics.

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