Judge Dredd 31 (May 1986)

Judge Dredd #31

Besides having some very odd angles from Ezqerra, this issue does pretty well. Even if Wagner and Grant have a really, really silly setup.

The Judge Child, across the galaxy, is able to control minds back on Earth. And I think read minds too. He wrecks havoc as he plots against Dredd. Part of that plot is releasing Fink Angel, the creepiest of them–the one with the pet rat who wears a hat–and that part of the issue works out well.

Unfortunately, then the Judge Child raises Mean Machine from the dead. So he can control minds across the galaxy and resurrect people. It’s silly.

Dredd has a good encounter with Fink; what Ezqerra doesn’t do in detail, he at least breaks out well into panels.

Besides the goofy elements and some wonky art, it’s a rather good issue. Wagner and Grant keep the storytelling precise and brisk.


Writers, John Wagner and Alan Grant; artist, Carlos Ezquerra; colorist, John Burns; letterer, Tom Frame; editor, Nick Landau; publisher, Eagle Comics.

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  1. No, see, the Judge Child can’t resurrect people, The Grunwalder owed the Judge Child for the use of his psychic powers so he purchased a “regenerating elixir” to be poured on Mean Machine’s grave….okay, yeah, it’s silly.

    Wagner and Grant actually wrung one more storyline out of the Judge Child later on, “City of the Damned,” wherein Dredd and Anderson time-travel forward to the predicted date of disaster, and find out that the city’s destruction will be wrought by a mutated, even-more-powerful clone of the JC, accidentally created by Grunwalder. Thus ironically Owen Krysler is “destined to rule the city in its darkest hour” by being the cause of the catastrophe itself, instead of the savior.

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