Big Man Plans 1 (March 2015)

Big Man Plans #1

The cynic in me hopes they do the Big Man Plans TV show well. I’m also hopeful for it, because if it gets a TV show, it’ll probably get another series. This series is only four issues and I can already tell I’m going to want more.

Big Man Plans is about an unnamed Vietnam vet in the late seventies and his experiences going back to his hometown. Of course, he’s an expertly trained killer little person; bullied and ostracized in the States, he excelled as a tunnel “cleaner” in Vietnam. It’s the standard tough guy comes home to clean house but it’s with a little person.

Eric Powell’s art is great–he heavily details people, lightly details scenery but just enough to make it feel seventies–and he and Tim Wiesch’s writing is pretty darn good too. There’s a humanity to the pulpy narration.

And it’s really, really funny.


Writers, Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch; artist and letterer, Powell; publisher, Image Comics.

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