Big Man Plans 2 (April 2015)

Big Man Plans #2

The first half of the issue is a whole lot better than the second half. The second half has our hero–called Big Man in the letter pages–enduring a whole bunch of torture. Page after page of it. Powell goes from drawing five or six panels a page to three. He doesn’t do backgrounds. He’s going for emphasis.

Being tortured is bad. I’m not sure what other lesson the reader’s supposed to get from the second half of the issue. Except maybe to appreciate Big Man’s toughness–except the reader is rooting for him already, the reader isn’t happy about Powell and Wiesch’s script requiring Big Man to be really dumb.

It’s an okay issue. I want it to be better, because the series will probably go on just fine, it’s just not a good comic. It’s an okay comic–wasted pages in an otherwise good limited series. Hopefully


Writers, Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch; artist and letterer, Powell; publisher, Image Comics.

The Surface 1 (March 2015)

The Surface #1

I’m really hoping the monkey isn’t just a tease in The Surface. It seems like it’s not going to be a tease. The comic really needs a smart monkey.

Actually, a smart monkey is about the only thing the comic doesn’t have. Not really, but sort of. The Surface is set in the near-ish future; Earth has gone to pot, the United States has broken down, everybody is plugged into the Internet (or whatever it’s called), there are Starbucks everywhere and the coffee’s even sweeter.

(Okay, the Starbucks are called Starnuts, complete with a squirrel mascot).

Writer Ales Kot gets through a lot of political stuff, a lot of social stuff, before he gets to the actual story. These three listless young adults–figure early twenties–are searching for the meaning of the universe.

Nice art from Langdon Foss; stylized but deliberate and thoroughly executed.

It’s pretentious but competent.


In a Beautiful Place out of Country; writer, Ales Kot; artist, Langdon Foss; colorist, Jordie Bellaire; letterer, Clayton Cowles; publisher, Image Comics.

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