Nailbiter 12 (May 2015)

Nailbiter #12

It’s a fine issue of Nailbiter, though I’m not sure about Adam Markiewicz’s art. It’s not fluid enough–it’s in the same general style as Henderson, but it’s more static and somewhat bloated. Like Far Side bloated.

Nailbiter is such a strange comic because of how Williamson paces it out. Someday he’s going to write some great television shows, I just hope it gets to be a series he creates; because Nailbiter’s problem is not enough space for all the subplots. There’s just not time in a twenty-four page story.

Based on the “Three’s Company” reference in this issue–a perfectly beautiful one, as the titular Nailbiter becomes Chrissy to the lady sheriff (“She’s the Sheriff!”) and the rogue FBI agent–maybe it’d be a great thirty-minute drama.

It’s not a great comic, but it’s a good one. Henderson just can’t make it belong in the medium.


Writer, Joshua Williamson; artists, Mike Henderson and Adam Markiewicz; colorist, Adam Guzowski; letterer, John J. Hill; editor, Rob Levin; publisher, Image Comics.

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