Descender 3 (May 2015)

Descender #3

I want to be able to keep reading Descender, but I’m getting close to my limit. It’s just A.I. with some flourishes on it. It’s like someone tried to make a comic book sequel to A.I., only instead of taking its visual template, Nguyen is grabbing from Alien and Outland and other seventies to early eighties sci-fi.

This issue has robot Tim dying and going to robot purgatory, where all the souls of the robots from the alien invasion are living. Okay, maybe more A.I. mixed with one of the Ender’s Game sequels, suffice to say, Lemire doesn’t have anything original in this series. And maybe he’s not supposed to, maybe he’s just supposed to sell the option to Hollywood and the comic’s going to sell on Nguyen’s art.

After all, Lemire’s just unoriginal, it’s not bad.

But I don’t know if Nyugen’s art alone is worth the time.


Tin Stars, Part Three; writer, Jeff Lemire; artist, Dustin Nguyen; letterer, Steve Wands; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. Now here’s something we should cover on the podcast- in your review, I’m pretty unfamiliar with the source material you list in your review. The only drawback is, I don’t notice how unoriginal it is, but I do like it’s delivery. So if the consumer isn’t already seen these originals, does the hommage lose credibility even if it’s successful? If that’s the case, we’ll really have an interesting time discussing Mark Millar, who without an original idea in his head, manages to be the envy of all comic book writers? Hoohah!

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