War Stories 9 (May 2015)

War Stories #9

It’s a shame about Aira. He gets worse. Not just since last issue, but throughout this issue, he gets worse. By the end of the comic, I had to force myself to stop looking at characters’ faces because I knew Aira wouldn’t distinguish them well enough. I just paid attention to the dialogue.

Which had a typo.

Yet, it’s still an amazing comic book. Ennis hits another home run with the writing, with the depth and complication of it, with the sadness and horror. As far as the writing goes, this issue might be the best of the Avatar War Stories comics. It’s probably better than a lot of Battlefields. Ennis surprises to the end.

Reading Ennis in either a good, long ongoing or a genre he sticks to and develops in is a narrative of its own. You see how he learns and refines his craft.

Intricately wonderful writing.


The Last German Winter, Part Three: The Earth Will Shake As We Leave the Scene; writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Tomas Aira; colorist, Digikore Studios; letterer, Kurt Hathaway; publisher, Avatar Press.

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