Letter 44 19 (August 2015)

Letter 44 #19

This issue of Letter 44 has a couple surprises. One of them is a surprise for a character–the reader having a surprise regarding that same character just a few pages before–the other is a surprise for the reader. So I guess three surprises near the end of the issue.

Soule’s got to do what he can to keep the interest going.

I’m not even being sarcastic. Even though this issue is better than usual–in all respects (Alburquerque’s final reveal page is hideous, however)–it’s still not back to the series’s original standards. Soule does give the President a little more to do here, but he still relies far too much on the Bush analogue. That guy isn’t an interesting character. Soule’s trying hard to make him driven insane by his principles but he can’t sell it.

So some interest is good. Even competently if manipulatively executed interest.


Writer, Charles Soule; artist, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque; colorist, Dan Jackson; letterer, Crank!; editor, Robin Herrera; publisher, Oni Press.

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