The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 36

2016: The Year in Comics.

(That we read)

The worst, the best, the almost there, the just there.

BPRD, Eltingville Club, Phonogram, Tokyo Ghost, Legacy of Luther Strode, Nowhere Men, PROPHET earth War, Kennel Block Blues/Hot Damn, Circuit Breaker, Empress, The Fix, Strange Fruit, Dark Knight III, Dreaming Eagles /War Stories/ Johnny Red, Prez Corndog in Chief, Starve, Mockingbird, Mickeys Craziest Adventure, Copra, DC’s Young Animals line, Cinema Purgatorio, The Archie Line, Monstress, Ringside, Letter 44, Injection, Blubber, Jupiters Legacy vol 2, Manifest Destiny, Godammned, Hip Hop Family Tree, Weird Detective, Kill or Be Killed, Lady Killer 2, Black Monday Murders, Demonic, Lake of Fire, Jim Thompson- Killer Inside Me, Love and Rockets, Nights Dominion, Hadrians Wall, I Hate Fairyland, Moonshine, New Super Man, Violent Love, Comic Book History of Comics, Ether, Arclight, Electric Sublime, Slam!, Motor Crush, Lazarus, Usagi Yojimbo, Last Contract, The Spire, Harrow County, Baker Street Peculiars, Kaijumax, Flintstones, Black Hammer, Resident Alien-Man With No Name, Providence.

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