Kill the Minotaur 2 (July 2017)

Kill the Minotaur #2

With most of the action taking place in the Labyrinth, this issue of Kill the Minotaur takes a more supernatural, more horrifying turn. Writers Pasetto and Cantamessa play it for slasher suspense, teasing out ideas, hinting at eventual imagery, then going for twists in the revelations. They’re winnowing down the supporting cast while establishing some backstory. The issue moves well–it’s all action, save the prologue–full of tension. Great art from Ketner. It’s hard to know where Minotaur will go next, but if this second issue’s any indication, it’ll be somewhere unexpected and good.


Writers, Chris Pasetto and Christian Cantamessa; artist, Lukas Ketner; colorist, Jean-Francois Beaulieu; letterer, Clem Robins; editors, Arielle Basich and Sean Mankiewicz; publisher, Image Comics.

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