Berger Books Preview (November 2017)

Berger Books Free 2018 Preview

The Berger Books Preview is, frankly, concerning. Influential comic editor Karen Berger has an imprint coming out from Dark Horse next year and the Preview shows off the launch titles.

Of the four, Hungry Ghosts seems the strongest. The writing isn’t bad, which is something. There’s some bad writing before the end of the ashcan.

Incognegro, even with its excellent Warren Pleece art, has a lazy script. Mat Johnson’s dialogue is choppy exposition. Nothing to suggest it’s going to turn around either.

Then the Mata Hari preview is too slight to tell. Ariela Kristantina’s art isn’t impressive and there’s not enough of Emma Beeby’s writing to get a feel. But it definitely doesn’t look ready.

Finally there are some promotional images from The Seeds, which has David Aja art and Ann Nocenti writing. Two images. It’ll look amazing because Aja but otherwise… who knows.

The strangest thing about this Preview is how unimpressive the line appears. Even if Hungry Ghosts is good, it’s a book for Anthony Bourdain fanatics who also read indie comics and art wanks. Pleece isn’t an artist who sells comics. No one cares about Mata Hari. And David Aja art is only a big deal when there’s actual David Aja art.

It’s concerning.


Editor, Karen Berger; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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