Retcon 3 (November 2017)

Retcon #3

Retcon turns it around a little this issue. There’s a lot less about government conspiracy and a lot more supernatural. Also the title makes sense now. One of the characters is trying to save the world and putting a team together and every time she fails she resets time and tries again.

If you’ve seen the movie, Edge of Tomorrow, it’s pretty much exactly like that movie. Retcon doesn’t get originality points. Except in allowing Cypress to get so crazy with the art at times.

Though the art is held back a bit. Cypress doesn’t go crazy with anything. There’s one reveal with the bad guys in particular where Cypress could easily have filled a page with it but instead just gets a little panel.

And the dialogue’s not great. In fact, Nixon’s exposition is a little worse. The supernatural stuff gives Retcon a boost, but it’s still trope-y and tired.

Still. It’s more compelling than it was last issue.


The Weight of Time; writer, Matt Nixon; artist, Toby Cypress; letterer, Matt Krotzer; publisher, Image Comics.

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