The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 50

We know you’ve been waiting… five months for this episode, which makes us even more embarrassed about the audio quality but the episode’s worth it. All three hours of the episode is worth it.

That’s right, it’s a three hour extra-sized episode… we cover the Best of 2018, a very deep dive into Love and Rockets Volume One, a discussion of media, and then some news about the new amazing.

(Again, very sorry about the audio. It’s been so long since we podcasted, we sort of forgot how. Technically speaking.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 49

We’re a few weeks late but we actually read some good comics, which is always nice.

  • Quick Rant: Comics sales.
  • Floppies: Batman The Damned, Kaijumax vol 4, The Magic Order, Ether The Copper Golems, Black Hammer: Age of Doom, Infinity 8 vol 2, Hey Kids! Comics, Babarella, The Weatherman, Redneck.
  • Trades: The Complete Killer, All My Heroes Have Been Junkies, Criminy.
  • Media: Marvel Netflix, Daredevil, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 48

It’s been five weeks, which makes sense since it’s not easy to find books! Even some mainstays have disappointed the last couple months… and, of course, some haven’t.

Floppies – The Weatherman, Punks Not Dead, Barbarella, Bloodstrike, Highest House, Ether: Copper Golems, Infinity 8 vol 2, Maestros, Jimmy’s Bastards, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest, Redneck, X-Men: Second Genesis, Seeds, Kaijumax Season Four.

Retro – Love and Rockets.

Trades – Complete Aleck Sinner Vol 2, Fourth World Omnibus, The Complete The Killer.

Mixed media – Luke Cage, CW, Titans.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 47

We’re back on track! Sort of!

Floppies – Ether The Copper Golems, Barrier, Black Hammer: Age of Doom, Doctor Star, The Sentry, Kill or Be Killed, Lazarus, Snagglepuss, Kaijumax, Bloodstrike, Damned, Magic Order, Mister Miracle, Plastic Man, Resident Alien, Weatherman, Barbarella, Flavor, Punks Not Dead, Coda.

Retro – Love and Rockets, DC Comics Presents, Star Trek.

Trades – The Troublemakers, Young Frances.

Mixed media – Whatever Happened to the Girl of Tomorrow, The Flash, Luke Cage, Ant-Man 2.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 46

Only a month since the last episode! Back on track?

Floppies – Isola, Flavor, Death or Glory, Maestro, Lazarus, Barrier, Black Hammer Age of Doom, Doctor Star, Ether The Copper Golems, Infinity 8, Highest House, Barbarella, Jimmys Bastards, Exit Stage Left Snagglepuss, Batman White Knight, Damned, Punks Not Dead, Assassinistas, Love and Rockets.

Trades – Sherlock Frankenstein, Young Frances, The Troublemakers.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 45

Our second podcast for 2018!

Floppies – Terrifics, Doctor Star, Black Hammer, Gideon Falls, Punks not Dead, Kid Lobotomy, Assassinistas, Mister Miracle, Batman White Knight, Vampironica, Ruff and Reddy, Infinity 8, Dry County, Highest House, Vinegar Teeth, Spider King, Resident Alien, Evolution, Kong on Apes, Redneck, Dead Hand, Snagglepuss, I Hate Fairyland , Isola, War Stories, Thrawn, Damned, Lazarus, Barbarella.

Trades – Lone Sloane, X-Men Grand Design, Reefer Madness, Epic Collection Master of Kung Fu vol 1, Dave Sheridan’s Dealer McDope, Leather Nun, and Freak Bros, Aleck Sinner vol 2 The Age of Disenchantment.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 44

Our first podcast for 2018!

Which we actually didn’t realize.

It’s straight into the comics because the second half is devoted to a single feature–surprise–topic.

Floppies – Hungry Ghosts, Ruff and Reddy, Punisher: Platoon, JLA/Doom Patrol Special, Kid Lobotomy, Assassinistas, Barbarella, Maestros, Kaijumax: Season Three, Vinegar Teeth, Sherlock Frankenstein, Comic Book History of Comic Books, Redneck, Snagglepuss, Dastardly and Muttley, Batman: White Knight, Damned, Grave Diggers Union.

Trades – Spy Seal, Fifty Years of the Fabulous Frak Brothers, Black Hammer

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 43

The Best of 2017

Vernon and I get right into talking about the best comics of 2017. Just a warning–we go on to talk about them for almost 2.5 hours.

No spoilers on the list. Regular listeners might be able to guess a lot of them…

And we do talk about the importance of not writing off a year too soon (i.e. best of lists in November). We also give some examples why it’s a terrible idea. One of them rhymes with Fanned Whine

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 42

Not just on time… early!

Vernon and I start off talking Marvel and C.B. Cebulski and Akira Yoshida. Then we talk a little about the Berger Books ashcan.

Then we get onto the actual comics and there are some good ones….

Floppies – Batman: White Knight, Doomsday Clock, Ruff and Reddy Show, Sherlock Frankenstein, Black Crown Quarterly, Kid Lobotomy, Punisher Platoon, Jimmy’s Bastards, Dastardly and Muttley, Spy Seal, Evolution, The Jetsons, Redneck, Angelic, Maestro, Kill the Minotaur, Copperhead, The Grave Diggers Union Retcon, Coyotes, Kaijumax, Divided States of America, Fu Jitsu.

Trades – Superman: American Alien, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, The Demon by Jack Kirby

Media – Justice League, Crisis on Earth X, The Punisher

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 41

An on-time release! We know you’re all impressed.

Vernon starts off the show talking about Marvel Legacy from a retailer’s standpoint. Then we review the latest failures of “pitch” comics.

But then the fun starts, because amid all these comics we discuss, there are some truly great ones. Listen to find out which!

Comics discussed: Angelic, Godshaper, Black Hammer, Sherlock Frankenstein, Kill The Minotaur, Damned, Divided States, Ruff & Reddy Show, Kaijumax, Slam Next Jam, Jimmys Bastards, Punisher Platoon, Dastardley and Muttley, Batman White Knight, Mr Miracle, Spy Seal, Fu jitsu, Cinema Purgatorio, Copperhead, Atomahawk, Maestros.

Then we talk about these trades: Mr Miracle by Kirby, Flintstones vol 2, Unquotable Trump, Nick Fury, Alack Sinner.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 40

So it turns out monthly is too much for us; we’re hoping to hold with an every six weeks schedule. You’ll know if it works in six weeks.

We open the show talking, as always, about the state of things in the comics industry.

After that ever-depressing segment, we talk about these comics: Jimmys Bastards, Divided States of Hysteria, Black Hammer, Doom Patrol, Sabrina, Lady Killer, Spy Seal, Hercules Wrath of the Heavens, Godshaper, Motor Crush, Redneck, Kill or Be Killed, Kill the Minotaur, Slam Next Jam, Kaijumax Season 3, Sacred Creatures, Night’s Dominion V2, Mister Miracle, Dastardly and Muttley.

Then we talk about these trades: Comic Book History of Comics, Slam, Jupiters Legacy vol 2, Alack Sinner.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 39 | August 2017

Two months since our last podcast–we really thought it’d been a month–Vernon and I commit to monthly episodes! Fingers crossed we managed it.

We open the show talking about the Big Two and how lousy they seem to be at making comics people want to read (specifically the House of Bad Ideas).

Then we talk about these comics: Supergirl Being Super, Godshaper, Kill The Minotaur, Redneck, Black Hammer, Kaijumax, Sabrina, Sacred Creatures, Jimmy’s Bastards, Cinema Purgatorio, I Hate Fairyland, War Stories, Aliens Dead Orbit , Mage, Love and Rockets, Empowered, Divided States of Hysteria, Mech Cadet Yu.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 38

It’s been forever since our last episode but we still manage to be (relatively) speedy.

We talk about these comics: Kamandi Challenge, Black Hammer, Godshaper, Aliens Dead Orbit, Heroines, Redneck, New Superman, Letter 44, Hadrian’s Wall, War Stories, Last Contract, Providence, Mockingbird.

Then we talk the CW superhero TV wrap-up (though no “Arrow” because come on) and Vernon tries to get me to spoil Wonder Woman.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Providence Party

The Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ horror masterpiece Providence has just finished, so what better time to talk about what the end of Providence means; not just for faithful readers, but for comic books as a medium.

Occasional guest co-host (and Comics Fondle blog contributor) Matthew Hurwitz of Danger Burger and Joe Linton of Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence join me for this ninety-minute special.

Cthulhu fhtagn!

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 37

Another long stretch between episodes so we talk a lot for almost two hours.

We talk about these comics: Extremity, Redline, Royal City, Grass Kings, Crime Destroyer, Loose Ends, Flintstones, God Country, Nights Dominion, Rat Queens, Dead Inside, Empowered Soldier of Love, Cinema Purgatorio, Motor Crush, Lady Killer, Copperhead, Ether, War Stories, Slam, Supergirl Being Super, New Super Man, Lake of Fire, and Demonic. We also talk about a couple more, but we didn’t have them on the outline so I don’t remember.

Then we talk about superhero movies and TV and get somewhat dejected.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 36

2016: The Year in Comics.

(That we read)

The worst, the best, the almost there, the just there.

BPRD, Eltingville Club, Phonogram, Tokyo Ghost, Legacy of Luther Strode, Nowhere Men, PROPHET earth War, Kennel Block Blues/Hot Damn, Circuit Breaker, Empress, The Fix, Strange Fruit, Dark Knight III, Dreaming Eagles /War Stories/ Johnny Red, Prez Corndog in Chief, Starve, Mockingbird, Mickeys Craziest Adventure, Copra, DC’s Young Animals line, Cinema Purgatorio, The Archie Line, Monstress, Ringside, Letter 44, Injection, Blubber, Jupiters Legacy vol 2, Manifest Destiny, Godammned, Hip Hop Family Tree, Weird Detective, Kill or Be Killed, Lady Killer 2, Black Monday Murders, Demonic, Lake of Fire, Jim Thompson- Killer Inside Me, Love and Rockets, Nights Dominion, Hadrians Wall, I Hate Fairyland, Moonshine, New Super Man, Violent Love, Comic Book History of Comics, Ether, Arclight, Electric Sublime, Slam!, Motor Crush, Lazarus, Usagi Yojimbo, Last Contract, The Spire, Harrow County, Baker Street Peculiars, Kaijumax, Flintstones, Black Hammer, Resident Alien-Man With No Name, Providence.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 35

It’s an extra-sized episode because it’s been so long since the last episode.

Here’s what we talk about.

Black Hammer, Ether, Comic Book History of Comics, Kaijumax, Lake of Fire, Hadrians Wall, Electric Sublime, Resident Alien, Lady Killer, Jessica Jones, AD After Death, Cinema Purgatorio, Nights Dominion, Killer Inside Me, Moonshine, Prophet Earth War, Goddamned, Weird Detective, Surgeon X, The Flintstones, Providence, Motor Crush, Motra, Violent Love

Plus Mockingbird: I Can Explain, Mickey’s Craziest Adventures, plus general news and happenings, plus TV talk, including “Arrow” for once because finally they made it essential to watch “Arrow”

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 34

Are we on time? We’re not as late as usual though we aren’t exactly on time. But a lot is going on with comics and it’s a very full episode.

Here’s what we talk about.

DC Rebirth, Young Animal, Flintstones, Dark Knight, Mockingbird, Jessica Jones, Afterlife with Archie, Stranger Attractors, Kill or be Killed, Demonic, Nights Dominion, Kong of Skull Island, Betty Boop, Resident Alien, Jupiter’s Legacy, Reborn, 7 to Eternity, Red One, Hadrian’s Wall, Moonshine, Killer Inside Me, Electric Sublime, Manifest Destiny, I Hate Fairyland, Lazarus, Weird Detective, Black Hammer, Kaijumax, Love and Rockets

Plus trades, plus general news and happenings, plus TV talk, minus “Arrow” because no one watches “Arrow”

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 33

We missed a month, but we sure do talk about a lot here.

Here’s what we talk about.

  • Kill or Be Killed
  • Demonic
  • Snotgirl
  • Lazarus
  • Black Hammer
  • Lady Killer
  • Afterlife with Archie
  • Sabrina
  • Betty and Veronica
  • Tokyo Ghost
  • Jupiters Legacy
  • Lake of Fire
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Cinema Purgatorio
  • I Hate Fairyland
  • Ringside
  • Kong of Skull Island
  • Prophet Earth War
  • Kaijumax
  • Satans Sodomy Baby
  • Blubber
  • Velvet
  • Midnight of the Soul
  • Flintstones
  • Future Quest
  • Scooby
  • Wacky Raceland
  • Providence
  • Johnny Red
  • Train Called Love
  • Baker Street Peculiars
  • Starve
  • Snow White
  • Spidey Zine

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Suicide Squad: The Movie Special

Suicide squad joker poster

Matt talked me into seeing Suicide Squad, which I actually forgot to give him crap about on this podcast special.

We talk about the movie, we talk about the comics, we talk about comic book movies. It’s Marvel Comics movies vs. DC Comics movies from a couple DC Comics fans (definitely more so than not, anyway) who don’t even like the Marvel Comics movies too much. Suicide Squad is just so objectively bad, it forces uneasy alliances and unlikely sympathies.

In hindsight, however, the Suicide Squad trailer did have Jared Leto’s Tony Montana meets Patrick Bateman rendition of The Joker promising to hurt someone really, really bad. And the movie delivers. It hurts your brain, really, really bad. Because it’s really, really bad.

So join Matt and I as we relive the lows and lowers and lowests of David Ayer’s 2016 Suicide Squad.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Batman: The Killing Joke Special

The very BEST Alan Moore ending in his entire body of work. – Guillermo del Toro, filmmaker

The Killing Joke is a story about Batman and the Joker; it isn’t about anything that you’re ever going to encounter in real life, because Batman and the Joker are not like any human beings that have ever lived. So there’s no important human information being imparted … Yeah, it was something that I thought was clumsy, misjudged and had no real human importance. It was just about a couple of licensed DC characters that didn’t really relate to the real world in any way. – Alan Moore, the original writer, The Killing Joke

Wanna say that again, pussy? – Brian Azzarello, screenwriter, Batman: The Killing Joke

Out of nowhere–well, the questionably sincere loins of 2016 DC Animation–comes Batman: The Killing Joke, the animated adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s seminal 1988 comic book one-shot, starring Tara Strong as Batgirl, Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill in his much-anticipated return as The Joker. Matthew Hurwitz and I thought it might be nice to sit down and hash over the film, much like we did for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Little did we know Killing Joke wouldn’t just turn out to be terrible, it would find astoundingly terrible ways to be terrible.

So join us now, as we gaze long into Batman: The Killing Joke and peel back each layer of superhero comics, animation and movie history that lead from the original book to a movie that did virtually everything wrong. Yeah, you knew we were the only ones up to the task. While everyone else is ranting about the instantly-infamous Batman / Batgirl hookup sex scene, only The Comics Fondle Podcast gives equal time to discussing the idiocy of this version having The Joker use circus freaks as a gang of deadly goons.

(We do actually get to discuss some good things, like “Batman: The Animated Series” and some comics. It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s whimsy)

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 32

We’re back on a monthly schedule! At least for this episode.

Here’s what we talk about.

  • Wacky Raceland
  • Jupiters Legacy
  • Weird Detective
  • DK III
  • Hearthrob
  • Strange Attractors
  • The Spire
  • Sixth Gun
  • Kaijumax
  • Starve
  • Lazarus
  • Dept H
  • The Fix
  • Satellite Falling
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Fairyland
  • Cinema Purgatorio
  • DC Rebirth

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Providence Special

D08B61D5-84FE-4A7A-9B0D-EE1DFD74DC9E-2273-000002740AA95BADAlan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ horror masterpiece Providence has just begun its final act, so what better time to take an in-depth look back at the journey so far with a Comics Fondle Podcast one-shot?

Guest co-host (and occasional Comics Fondle contributor) Matthew Hurwitz of Danger Burger joins to chat for over two hours about Robert Black’s oblivious odyssey through the New England of H.P. Lovecraft. Join us as we take into account the many weird tales interwoven through Moore’s sprawling homage: The Call of Cthulu, The Dunwich HorrorThe Shadow Over Innsmouth, Herbert West: Re-Animator, From Beyond, Pickman’s ModelThe Haunter of the Dark, et all, plus the epic’s origins in Moore & Burrows’ previous Lovecraft comics from Avatar Press, The Courtyard and Neonomicon.

We also consider the stature Providence could occupy in the context of Moore’s seminal career and speculate as to how he might surprise his readers with the series’ conclusion.

Much trivia mentioned in this recording would not have been ascertained without the starry wisdom of Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence, whose meticulous research makes the Stella Sapiente’s archival work look like Robert Black’s dream journal.

Cthulhu fhtagn!

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 31

Six months since our last episode! Almost. It’s an extra-long episode full of comic book goodness.

Here’s what we talk about.

  • DC Rebirth Special
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Train Called Love
  • Hearthrob
  • Velvet
  • Johnny Red 6
  • Turncoat
  • Ganges
  • Hot Damn
  • Pretty Deadly
  • Future Quest
  • Scooby Apocalypse
  • Sabrina
  • Afterlife With Archie
  • Baker Street Peculiars
  • Kaijumax
  • Kennel Block Blues
  • Criminal 10th Anniversary Special
  • Tokyo Ghost
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Prophet Earth War
  • Providence
  • Cinema Purgatorio

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 30

We’re late, but we brought the Best of 2015 with us! Please forgive the echo and so on.

Here’s what we talk about.

  • Archie Comics
  • Sandman Overture
  • Miracleman
  • Red One
  • Airboy/James Robinson
  • Brandon Graham’s Universe
  • Ghosted
  • Mind Mgmt
  • Unwritten
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Nameless
  • Rat God
  • Archie/Jughead
  • Casanova:Acedia
  • Sixth Gun ?
  • War Stories
  • Letter 44
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Curb Stomp
  • D4VE
  • OYDC
  • Phonogram
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
  • Invisible Republic
  • Decender
  • Injection
  • Order of the Forge
  • Spire
  • Where Monsters Dwell
  • Hip Hop Family Tree
  • Auteur -Sister Bambi
  • Star Spangled War – GI Zombie
  • Starve
  • BPRD Universe
  • Prez
  • Strange Fruit
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Tokyo Ghost
  • Klaus
  • Monstress
  • Wrenchies gn
  • Love and Rockets vol 7
  • Inner City Romance collection
  • Life After
  • Copperhead
  • Lazarus
  • Crossed +100 (issues #1-6)
  • Humans
  • Velvet
  • Big Man Plans
  • Satellite Sam
  • Kaijumax
  • Minimum Wage-So Many Bad Decisions
  • Harrow County
  • Princess Ugg
  • Empowered vol 7 + Pewpewpew one shot
  • Providence
  • Eltingville Fan Club
  • The New Deal gn
  • Borb! gn

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 29

Sorry in advance for the audio troubles, folks. Vernon and I are trying to figure it out and we’re having separate technological failures concurrently. No fun. But eighty-four or so minutes of Comics Fondle goodness this episode.

These are the books we talk about.

  • Where Monsters Dwell
  • Johnny Red
  • War Stories
  • A Train Called Love
  • Black Magick
  • Lazarus
  • Fade Out
  • Velvet
  • Minimum Wage
  • Tokyo Ghost
  • Miracleman
  • Dark Corridor
  • I Hate Fairyland
  • Monstress
  • Birthright
  • Klaus
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Paper Girls
  • Pretty Deadly
  • Midnight Society
  • Rocket Girl
  • Twilight Children
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Empowered
  • Mystery Girl
  • We Can Never Go Home
  • Ringside
  • Limbo
  • Humans
  • Dark Knight III
  • Providence

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 28

I’m stunned to discover Vernon and I managed to get TWO episodes out in one month. We certainly thought we were behind, which got us to hunker down and talk about some rather good comics.

These are the books we talk about.

  • Providence 5
  • Over The Graden Wall 1,2
  • Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham 1,2
  • Harrow County 4
  • The Spire 3
  • Dave2 1
  • The Fiction 4
  • We Stand on Guard 3
  • Kaijumax 6
  • Injection 5
  • Fade Out 9
  • Tokyo Ghost 1
  • 8house 3 Kiem
  • Dark Corridor 2
  • Invisible Republic 6
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl 2
  • Manifest Destiny 17
  • Hip Hop Family Tree 2
  • From Under Mountains 1
  • Beauty 2
  • The Island 3
  • Jughead 1
  • Copperhead 10
  • Fall of the House of West
  • Empowered vol 9
  • Lady Killer
  • Hellbound
  • The New Deal
  • The Legacy of Luther Strode
  • Catwoman by Brubaker & Cooke

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 27

I’m stunned to discover Vernon and I managed to get TWO episodes out in one month. We certainly thought we were behind, which got us to hunker down and talk about some rather good comics.

These are the books we talk about.

  • Providence 3
  • Auteur 3
  • Minimum Wage 4
  • Dark Corridor 1
  • This Damned Band 1
  • The Fiction 3
  • Airboy 3
  • The Spire 2
  • Kaijumax 5
  • Hip Hop Family Tree 1
  • 8house Arclight
  • The Island 2
  • Beauty 1
  • Letter 44 19
  • Lazarus 18
  • Rebels 5
  • Velvet 11
  • Sons Of Anarchy 23
  • Copperhead 9
  • Casanova 3
  • Cluster 5
  • Injection 4
  • Eltingville Club 2

Then we talk about some problems with indie books before wrapping up with a discussion of the best comic book writers working today.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 26

After missing a month–we have no idea where that episode went–Vernon and I are back with lots of new comics to talk about. All our regular indies–Image, Oni, Ennis and Moore Avatar–and I think we even talk about a Marvel and DC comic. One for each of them. Give it a listen.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 25

YOWSA! BACK from the dead, your Comics Fondle hosts Andrew and Vernon talk about nothing less than 35 TITLES! Can you TAKE IT, pilgrim? We even manage to reveiw ONE Marvel book! So get a beverage of your choice, sit back in your comfy spot, and find out about all the titles you SHOULD be reading! Order of the Forge! Minimum Wage! Kaijumax! And MANY MANY MORE!

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