The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 41

An on-time release! We know you’re all impressed.

Vernon starts off the show talking about Marvel Legacy from a retailer’s standpoint. Then we review the latest failures of “pitch” comics.

But then the fun starts, because amid all these comics we discuss, there are some truly great ones. Listen to find out which!

Comics discussed: Angelic, Godshaper, Black Hammer, Sherlock Frankenstein, Kill The Minotaur, Damned, Divided States, Ruff & Reddy Show, Kaijumax, Slam Next Jam, Jimmys Bastards, Punisher Platoon, Dastardley and Muttley, Batman White Knight, Mr Miracle, Spy Seal, Fu jitsu, Cinema Purgatorio, Copperhead, Atomahawk, Maestros.

Then we talk about these trades: Mr Miracle by Kirby, Flintstones vol 2, Unquotable Trump, Nick Fury, Alack Sinner.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 40

So it turns out monthly is too much for us; we’re hoping to hold with an every six weeks schedule. You’ll know if it works in six weeks.

We open the show talking, as always, about the state of things in the comics industry.

After that ever-depressing segment, we talk about these comics: Jimmys Bastards, Divided States of Hysteria, Black Hammer, Doom Patrol, Sabrina, Lady Killer, Spy Seal, Hercules Wrath of the Heavens, Godshaper, Motor Crush, Redneck, Kill or Be Killed, Kill the Minotaur, Slam Next Jam, Kaijumax Season 3, Sacred Creatures, Night’s Dominion V2, Mister Miracle, Dastardly and Muttley.

Then we talk about these trades: Comic Book History of Comics, Slam, Jupiters Legacy vol 2, Alack Sinner.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 39 | August 2017

Two months since our last podcast–we really thought it’d been a month–Vernon and I commit to monthly episodes! Fingers crossed we managed it.

We open the show talking about the Big Two and how lousy they seem to be at making comics people want to read (specifically the House of Bad Ideas).

Then we talk about these comics: Supergirl Being Super, Godshaper, Kill The Minotaur, Redneck, Black Hammer, Kaijumax, Sabrina, Sacred Creatures, Jimmy’s Bastards, Cinema Purgatorio, I Hate Fairyland, War Stories, Aliens Dead Orbit , Mage, Love and Rockets, Empowered, Divided States of Hysteria, Mech Cadet Yu.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 38

It’s been forever since our last episode but we still manage to be (relatively) speedy.

We talk about these comics: Kamandi Challenge, Black Hammer, Godshaper, Aliens Dead Orbit, Heroines, Redneck, New Superman, Letter 44, Hadrian’s Wall, War Stories, Last Contract, Providence, Mockingbird.

Then we talk the CW superhero TV wrap-up (though no “Arrow” because come on) and Vernon tries to get me to spoil Wonder Woman.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Providence Party

The Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ horror masterpiece Providence has just finished, so what better time to talk about what the end of Providence means; not just for faithful readers, but for comic books as a medium.

Occasional guest co-host (and Comics Fondle blog contributor) Matthew Hurwitz of Danger Burger and Joe Linton of Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence join me for this ninety-minute special.

Cthulhu fhtagn!

Right-click and save as MP3

The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 37

Another long stretch between episodes so we talk a lot for almost two hours.

We talk about these comics: Extremity, Redline, Royal City, Grass Kings, Crime Destroyer, Loose Ends, Flintstones, God Country, Nights Dominion, Rat Queens, Dead Inside, Empowered Soldier of Love, Cinema Purgatorio, Motor Crush, Lady Killer, Copperhead, Ether, War Stories, Slam, Supergirl Being Super, New Super Man, Lake of Fire, and Demonic. We also talk about a couple more, but we didn’t have them on the outline so I don’t remember.

Then we talk about superhero movies and TV and get somewhat dejected.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 36

2016: The Year in Comics.

(That we read)

The worst, the best, the almost there, the just there.

BPRD, Eltingville Club, Phonogram, Tokyo Ghost, Legacy of Luther Strode, Nowhere Men, PROPHET earth War, Kennel Block Blues/Hot Damn, Circuit Breaker, Empress, The Fix, Strange Fruit, Dark Knight III, Dreaming Eagles /War Stories/ Johnny Red, Prez Corndog in Chief, Starve, Mockingbird, Mickeys Craziest Adventure, Copra, DC’s Young Animals line, Cinema Purgatorio, The Archie Line, Monstress, Ringside, Letter 44, Injection, Blubber, Jupiters Legacy vol 2, Manifest Destiny, Godammned, Hip Hop Family Tree, Weird Detective, Kill or Be Killed, Lady Killer 2, Black Monday Murders, Demonic, Lake of Fire, Jim Thompson- Killer Inside Me, Love and Rockets, Nights Dominion, Hadrians Wall, I Hate Fairyland, Moonshine, New Super Man, Violent Love, Comic Book History of Comics, Ether, Arclight, Electric Sublime, Slam!, Motor Crush, Lazarus, Usagi Yojimbo, Last Contract, The Spire, Harrow County, Baker Street Peculiars, Kaijumax, Flintstones, Black Hammer, Resident Alien-Man With No Name, Providence.

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 35

It’s an extra-sized episode because it’s been so long since the last episode.

Here’s what we talk about.

Black Hammer, Ether, Comic Book History of Comics, Kaijumax, Lake of Fire, Hadrians Wall, Electric Sublime, Resident Alien, Lady Killer, Jessica Jones, AD After Death, Cinema Purgatorio, Nights Dominion, Killer Inside Me, Moonshine, Prophet Earth War, Goddamned, Weird Detective, Surgeon X, The Flintstones, Providence, Motor Crush, Motra, Violent Love

Plus Mockingbird: I Can Explain, Mickey’s Craziest Adventures, plus general news and happenings, plus TV talk, including “Arrow” for once because finally they made it essential to watch “Arrow”

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The Comics Fondle Podcast | Episode 34

Are we on time? We’re not as late as usual though we aren’t exactly on time. But a lot is going on with comics and it’s a very full episode.

Here’s what we talk about.

DC Rebirth, Young Animal, Flintstones, Dark Knight, Mockingbird, Jessica Jones, Afterlife with Archie, Stranger Attractors, Kill or be Killed, Demonic, Nights Dominion, Kong of Skull Island, Betty Boop, Resident Alien, Jupiter’s Legacy, Reborn, 7 to Eternity, Red One, Hadrian’s Wall, Moonshine, Killer Inside Me, Electric Sublime, Manifest Destiny, I Hate Fairyland, Lazarus, Weird Detective, Black Hammer, Kaijumax, Love and Rockets

Plus trades, plus general news and happenings, plus TV talk, minus “Arrow” because no one watches “Arrow”

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