Comics Best Fondled, The Comics Fondle Newsletter

What is Comics Best Fondled?

It’s the newsletter of Comics Fondle, the blog you are at this very moment reading.

Why does a blog need a newsletter?

I don’t know, for the same reason God needs a starship?

Do I want to subscribe?

Well, you certainly don’t have to subscribe to Comics Best Fondled. Each and every (at most monthly) issue of the newsletter will be posted on the blog as well.

If I do subscribe, do I get anything?

How about variants? You like comics, you must like variants, Comics Best Fondled is going to have variants! Each issue of the newsletter comes with a printable zine PDF version as well as a very large CBZ version.

I don’t want to sign up.

Well, thanks for reading this far.

I do want to sign up but I ignored that pop-up window and I can’t get it to come back.

Yeah,’s integration for MailChimp is lame. Here’s a direct link.

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